History Life

History Life is a nonprofit organization, actively involved in charity and solidarity, that is committed to the protection, promotion and enhancement of culture and art in all its forms and expressions. Through the contacts made during the years with international names and the collaborations with other important non profit organizations the projects of the association have increased in time making possible for History Life to expand it’s range of activities. The organization’s activities are financed by an innovative fundraising typology in Italy that consists in the request made to celebrities – actors, artists, writers, photographers – to do a collaboration that does not realize in the usual monetary transaction but in an easier donation made in the form of items or opportunities whose value can be minimum for the donor and whose entity is at his/her discretion: not only props that appeared in movies or unique occasions like lunches, dinners or training courses but signed photos or simple passes used in social events too.

For more information: http://www.historylife.org/

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