Erika Blanc – Signed Photo

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Foto con autografo di Erika Blanc.

Dimension: 20 Cm x 25 Cm (Appr.) – 8×10 Inches (Appr.)

Date and Place of Signing: April, 21, 2021 in Cazzago San Martino, BS (Italy)

This is not a vintage photo or old one. This photo is new, printed and signed in recent years and the signature is original.

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Enrica Bianchi Colombatto (born 23 July 1942 in Brescia, Lombardy) is an Italian actress, usually known by her stagename of Erika Blanc.
Movie career
Her most notable role was as the first fictional character Emmanuelle in Io, Emmanuelle (1969). Blanc starred in several cult European horror films, including The Third Eye (1966), Kill, Baby, Kill (1966), So Sweet… So Perverse (1969), The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave (1971), The Devil’s Nightmare (1971), The Red Headed Corpse (1972) and Mark of the Devil Part II (1973). Her other film credits include roles in Django Shoots First (1966), Target Goldseven (1966), Blood at Sundown (1966), Halleluja for Django (1967), The Longest Hunt (1968), Seven Times Seven (1968), Hell in Normandy (1968), Long Arm of the Godfather (1972), Tony Arzenta (1973), The Stranger and the Gunfighter (1974), Il domestico (1974), I figli di nessuno (1974), Eye of the Cat (1976), La portiera nuda (1976) and Dream of a Summer Night (1983). She recently returned to films with small but intense roles under the direction of Turkish-born director Ferzan Özpetek, acting as Antonia’s mother in Le fate ignoranti (2001), and as the sensitive, alcohol-addicted Maria Clara in Cuore Sacro (2005). In 2003 she starred as the grandmother in Adored, directed by Marco Filiberti.

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