Franco Melidoni – Signed Photo – Miseria e nobiltà (Poverty and Nobility)

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Foto con autografo di Franco Melidoni.

Beside the signature, Franco has customized the photo with the name of his character in the movie.

Pictures are stock images, autographs slightly vary.

Dimension: 10 Cm x 15 Cm (Appr.) – 4×6 Inches (Appr.)

Movie: Miseria e nobiltà (1954)

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Franco Melidoni (Napoli, 4 march 1946) is an italian actor. Born in a family of actors, in 1954 he was chosen to play in “Miseria e Nobiltà” by Mario Mattoli, in which he had the role of Peppiniello, son of characters played by Totò and aunt Giulia Melidoni. After this big success, he received from Vittorio De Sica the proposal to have a part in “Napoli milionaria e L’oro di Napoli”, but his parents did not allow him to because they wanted for him to continue studying. After some time he worked in cinema as a production assistant, even appearing in the musical “Non stuzzicate la zanzara” with Rita Pavone. After working in Naples’s airport, he his active in napolitan theater and teaches in many different schools of acting, mainly for children.
Miseria e nobiltà (Poverty and Nobility)
Poverty and Nobility (Italian: Miseria e nobiltà) is a 1954 Italian comedy film directed by Mario Mattoli and starring Totò.
The story is taken from the Eduardo Scarpetta’s play of the same name. Naples, second half of 19th century: the poor Felice Sciosciamocca tries to work being a scribe for illiterate people, while his friend Don Pasquale tries to make photographs for rich couples. Meanwhile, in the house where the two live, their wives start to fight because the apartment is mortgaged, and the women don’t have money to pay the rent. Luckily, rich Count Eugenio, in love with the beautiful dancer Gemma, asks Pasquale and Felice to stage a farce for him. In fact, the father of Gemma – an enriched cook – wants to meet Eugenio’s family, but he knows that his real father does not approve of his love affair with the dancer. So Eugenio transforms Don Felice Sciosciamocca into his uncle (the Prince of Casador) and Don Pasquale has to play the true father of Eugenio (Ottavio Favetti). The young count entrusts a false part to each of the members of the two families, except for the second wife of Felice, Concetta. Count Eugenio cannot find a role for her, and Concetta gets very angry. While Felice and Pasquale are arguing in the beautiful villa of Don Gaetano, Concetta bursts into the home and tries to compromise the plan organized by Eugenio. Don Felice manages to fix the situation and in the end all is resolved.
Totò as Felice Sciosciammocca
Dolores Palumbo as Luisella
Enzo Turco as Pasquale
Valeria Moriconi as Pupella
Franca Faldini as Nadia
Liana Billi as Concetta
Franco Sportelli as Vincenzo
Franco Melidoni as Peppiniello
Gianni Cavalieri as Don Gaetano
Sophia Loren as Gemma
Carlo Croccolo as Luigino
Giuseppe Porelli as Marquis Ottavio aka “Bebè”
Enzo Petito as Don Gioacchino

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