Giorgio Napolitano – Signed Book – Dove va la Repubblica: 1992-94, una transizione incompiuta

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Libro con autografo di Giorgio Napolitano.

Signed by Giorgio Napolitano.
Used & Read – Published 1994
Format: Hardcover Edition
ISBN-13: 9788817843775

Please Note: The name on the second page has only ben censored in photo due to privacy. By their very nature, all signed books will have been handled several times before they get to you. This may result in small marks to the dustjacket and title page.

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Giorgio Napolitano (29 June 1925 – 22 September 2023) was an Italian politician who served as the president of Italy from 2006 to 2015, the first to be re-elected to the office. In office for 8 years and 244 days, he was the longest-serving president, until the record was surpassed by Sergio Mattarella in 2023. He also was the longest-lived president in the history of the Italian Republic, which has been in existence since 1946. Although he was a prominent figure of the First Italian Republic, he did not take part in the Constituent Assembly of Italy that drafted the Italian constitution; he is considered one of the symbols of the Second Italian Republic, which came about after the Tangentopoli scandal of the 1990s. Due to his dominant position in Italian politics, some critics have sometimes referred to him as Re Giorgio (“King Giorgio”).

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