Van Gogh Museum Set of Pokémon Cards

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Set of Pokémon cards. Pokémon illustrators were inspired by several of Vincent van Gogh’s most famous works to create six special paintings.
Including a card of Pikachu™ inspired by the masterpiece Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat, Snorlax™ and Munchlax™ inspired the painting The Bedroom, Sunflora™ inspired by the Sunflowers, Smeargle™ inspired by Self-Portrait as a Painter, Eevee™ inspired by Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat and Corviknight™ inspired by Wheatfield with Crows.

Specs: Set of 6 cards

Width: 10.5 cm
Height: 15 cm
Weight: 50 gram
Material: Paper, ink

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