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SignedForCharity is a fundraising social platform created by History Life and aimed at supporting the nonprofit organization’s projects and activities. Companies can join the initiative by donating money, goods or proposing events on the platform. What is offered to raise funds on the platform? Sports and music memorabilia, autographs and more: everything that could be of interest for collectors.

This platform does not directly sell photographs or even images but we simply collect funds by giving, in exchange for an established offer, autographs of famous people which can be both on photographic support but also on clothing or memorabilia.

Remember: through your contribute, you are not simply buying an item but you are supporting a charity project!

About Authenticity


Signedforcharity.org works almost exclusively with celebrities to secure the best autographs and other signed collectibles you see on the site. All the celebrities are not directly involved with the organization’s processes: our supporters specifically sign to support History Life’s projects – a nonprofit organization that is actively involved in charity and solidarity (www.historylife.org). The signing of our material is witnessed in person or through the mail leaving no doubt about the authenticity of the sign. This is the only way we obtain our authentic autographs: we do not buy or trade autographs with anyone at any time.

Once our celebrity autographs arrive to our office, the items are then individually examined for quality and condition by our representative. After these preliminary steps the autograph is scanned at 300 DPI resolution and finally carefully catalogued.

A “Certificate Of Authenticity” is assigned to every piece of our memorabilia along with the item’s photo. Each “Certificate Of Authenticity” unconditionally guarantees the authenticity of your celebrity autograph for life.
If an item has a value greater than 100$ then it has an official “Signedforcharity” tamper-proof foil prismatic numbered hologram attached to the back of the piece. A matching numbered hologram is affixed to the item’s official “Certificate Of Authenticity.” Our “Certificate Of Authenticity” 100% guarantees the authenticity of the celebrity autograph for as long as the tamper-proof hologram is intact. Any tampering or fragmenting of the hologram will invalidate the authenticity of the celebrity autograph.
The certificate of authenticity is shipped alongside the autograph and it always has it’s verification code available on our site.


Each order will be shipped with DHL courier from Italy. To see what it will cost to ship your Order, simply add items to your cart and select your country at checkout. The price is calculated according to the size, weight and destination of the consignment.
Worldwide Shipping


For assistance on the Products, more information, suggestions, complaints and / or further requests, the Customer can contact the Organization’s customer service at any time via the Contact form or at the following references:
– by email:info@historylife.com
– by post: SignedForCharity c/o History Life Onlus, Via Alberto D’Andrea 8, Montesilvano (Pe), 65015, Italy.

Autographs Acronyms

The autographs and the signed material that have the VIP symbol were sent directly to us by celebrities to support History Life’s fundraising. Pictures and/or videos may accompany them as proof.

The autographs that have the ITP symbol were obtained ITP (In The Presence): it means that one of our collaborators was physically present when the VIP was signing the material and so pictures or videos are attached as proof.

The autographs that have the PS symbol were obtained in a “Private Session”: it means they were acquired directly from the VIP that signed the material to help History Life’s fundraising campaign. Pictures and/or videos may accompany them as proof.

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