Paolo Conticini, Dario Bandiera, Massimo Boldi, Neri Parenti and Francesca Chillemi – Signed Photo – Natale da chef

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Foto con autografo di Paolo Conticini, Dario Bandiera, Massimo Boldi, Neri Parenti e Francesca Chillemi.

Dimension: 20 Cm x 25 Cm (Appr.) – 8×10 Inches. (Appr.)

Movie: Natale da chef (2017)

Date and Place of Signing (Paolo Conticini): April 23, 2022 in Atri, TE (Italy)
Date and Place of Signing (Dario Bandiera): June 01, 2022 in Roseto, TE (Italy)
Date and Place of Signing (Massimo Boldi): December 07, 2022 in Montesilvano, PE (Italy)
Date and Place of Signing (Neri Parenti): February 17, 2023 in Roma, RM (Italy)
Date and Place of Signing (Francesca Chillemi): February 29, 2024 in L’Aquila, AQ (Italy)

This is not a vintage photo or old one. This photo is new, printed and signed in recent years and the signature is original.

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Paolo Conticini (Pisa, 10 January 1969) is an Italian actor, television presenter and former model.
Dario Bandiera (born 9 February 1970) is an Italian actor and comedian.
Massimo Antonio Boldi (born 23 July 1945) is an Italian stand-up comedian and actor. Boldi was born in Luino on 23 July 1945. In 1955 his family moved to Milan, where he joined evening classes and began working as a window-dresser and then as a door-to-door salesman for a pastry company. In 1968 he started performing in cabaret. In the 1970s he did not perform, but managed a bar-latteria in Milan. On 29 September 1973 he married Marisa Selo (cousin of Formula One driver Michele Alboreto). Their marriage lasted until Selo’s death on 8 April 2004.
Neri Parenti (born 26 April 1950, in Florence) is an Italian film director and writer. He is known for comedy films, including the series starring Paolo Villaggio playing the character Ugo Fantozzi, and a later series of cinepanettoni—zany comedy films scheduled for release during the Christmas period.
Francesca Chillemi (Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto, 25 July 1985) is an Italian actress, television presenter, television personality and former model, elected Miss Italy 2003.

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